General Question
How "Can I Participate in Talent Donation, Sponsorship, or Partnership" for video blogs and forums?

Those interested in talent donation for video blogging, eMuse, or others, can send their profile and their offer to scott@eMUSICMARKET.com and after examination they will be contacted by a representative.

For Partnership and Sponsorship please send your offer to  scott@eMUSICMARKET.com and a representative will contact you.

What is eMuse?  It is eMUSICMARKET's forum for the music industry's different specialists to provide questions and answers related to specific areas of interest. Different Masters will be appointed for different subjects.

"How do Transactions Work" between Buyers and Sellers?

Buyers and Sellers negotiate using the following procedure.

How can this site be "Used as a Seller?"

Those who join as Sellers can sell music on eMUSICMARKET. Songs work as follows:

1. After uploading a music, the Seller may set a purchase price, or

2. The Seller may negotiate with a Buyer on a price.

For example, if a Buyer offers a price for one of your songs, you can accept, reject, or renegotiate the terms after reviewing the price proposal.

Any unpublished songs made in a home studio, songs written by your band, or otherwise unpublished music that forany reason could not go where you wanted may be uploaded to eMUSICMARKET.

We offer new opportunities to the entire world and to all members.

Through eMUSICMARKET you can show off your music's possibilities to album contractors, movie producers looking for someone to write a soundtrack, producers looking for commercial film music, or any other person with a reason to look for music from new artists around the world.

How it's done:

1. Sell the original song with no arrangement change, or

2. Sell the song with a required arrangement change, or

3. Sell the melody.

These sales methods will give new life and opportunities to your music as eMUSICMARKET's system and the world's network expands.

How can this site be "Used as a Buyer?"

Those who join as a Buyer can purchase music at eMUSICMARKET.

For example, let's say you are a producer or head of A&R at a record label.

You are looking for music or an artist for your new movie, TV program, commercial, etc, but you do not have enough funds to pay the fees of the music or existing composers, eMUSICMARKET can become your solution.

At eMUSICMARKET you can search for, or listen to through our newsletter, numerous songs of new styles from around the world and choose usage terms with a reasonable price.

1. Pay the artist's advertised price and use the song immediately, or

2. Receive authorization to use the song with your offered price, or

3. After agreeing on a fee and usage terms for the song through a negotiation with the artist,

you can also be sent the multi-track.

It is easy and fast to discover new music from around the world with eMUSICMARKET!!

What are "Buyers and Sellers?"

1. Who can be a Buyer?

A Buyer is a member who has the ability to purchase songs.

Those who plan to purchase music must register as a Buyer.

It is possible for any business which needs music, such as record labels, movies, producers, and advertising agencies, to join as Buyers. They may browse and purchase music once they pass the simple authentication procedure for the protection of the copyright.


2. Who can be a Seller?

Sellers are members with the ability to sell songs.

Those who plan to sell music must join as a Seller.

All paying and non-paying Sellers have equal opportunity to sell music. After passing the simple authentication procedure, Sellers may authenticate their status as a PROFESSIONAL

and receive additional exposure when other members(Buyer) search with the "PRO" condition.

How is "eMUSICMARKET Different" from other sites?

eMUSICMARKET is a music business market made by current professionals from various countries who have the best work experience for developing not only music culture but also the whole of the music industry.

Having said that, eMUSICMARKET has three goals.

1. To be an online music market made for musicians by musicians.

2.To be a community with video blogs and forums for current and future generations to accumulate the knowledge and experiences of global professionals in music-related fields.

3. The revitalization of the music industry through re-investments by donations from profits and sponsors gained by various efforts within eMUSICMARKET.

Furthermore, the global members of eMUSICMARKET are not simply customers, but a large family with services at reasonable prices and a systematic membership structure.

Down the line, industry development resulting from various multi-national events will be made with members, and west and with you in your position as associates in the breathing music industry.

eMUSICMARKET's ultimate goal is

to provide "Equal Opportunity to Musicians" and

"Put Forth a Solid and Healthy Production and Consumer Foundation",

"Instigating Direct and Indirect Networking of the Infrastructure of the Music Industry".

Is eMUSICMARKET a "Publishing Company?"

eMUSICMARKET aims to act as a medium for buyers and the sellers of unlicensed music.

Moreover, it is possible for eMUSICMARKET to mediate a mutual solution

between Buyers andSellers for issues involving licenses,

although eMUSICMARKET is only in charge of providing the location for the transaction.

How is eMUSICMARKET's "Membership System Organized?"

eMUSICMARKET's members are made up of "Sellers" (those who write songs and wish to sell them)

and "Buyers" (those who purchase songs).

Sellers write a song and want it to be used somewhere in the world, and

Buyers pay the song's usage fee and use it as they wish.

See the section on Sellers and Buyers for more information.

How is "eMUSICMARKET Organized?"

eMUSICMARKET is formed of a Global Network

focusing on the USA, England, Japan, Germany, Australia and Korea, and

connects "the English speaking world with the Asian market, which is being invigorated with new energy".


eMUSICMARKET is an Internet Market Agency

which "Connects the World's Creators of Music with All Forms of MEDIA"

which need music, including Albums, Movies, Advertisements, Broadcasts, Plays and Games etc.

Membership System and Payment Plan
Can you tell me about "Payment Systems" such as PayPal?

When you pay for the membership or purchase a song through eMUSICMARKET.com, everything will be done by credit card.

Once a deal is completed, all but the 15% commission will be deposited directly into your bank account with 30 business days.

How does "eMUSICMARKET Collect a Fee if a Transaction is Canceled?"

As stated in the Transaction Cancellation item in the terms of service,

if a transaction is canceled no fees related to the transaction are raised.

How much does "eMUSICMARKET Earn from Song Transactions?"

When a Seller and Buyer complete a transaction eMUSICMARKET collects a 15% fee from the Seller.

This includes delivery and relevant taxes.

How can I "Check the Status of a Song Purchase?"

You may check the status of purchases on

Seller - “My Page" (My Music, Sold Music, Price Proposal) or

Buyer - "My Page" (Inbox, Purchased, Favorites, Price Proposal) within eMUSICMARKET.

How can I "Cancel the Purchase of a Song?"

With the exception of reasons stated in the terms of service, cancellation is impossible.

If applicable, refunds are given according to set procedures.

"What Payment Methods" are available when purchasing songs?

When a "Buyer has purchased a song,"

payment will be settled via PayPal, Credit Card, or any other means provided by eMUSICMARKET,

and when the transaction is confirmed the money will be sent to the Seller according to a set procedure.

"How are fees collected" from the purchase of a song?

Buyers use a means of approval which eMUSICMARKET provides.

When the transaction is confirmed "the money is safely deposited into the Seller's PayPal Account" according to a set procedure.

Are "Refunds" given in case of "Cancellation?"

We ask that you understand that as membership transactions are done in 3-month segments,

refunds are, as a general rule, not given.

How is the "Membership System" structured and what are the "Pricing Levels?"

Membership is divided broadly into Buyers and Sellers.

Buyers are divided into black ($20/month), and

Sellers are divided into Green (free), Yellow ($1/month), Blue ($5/month), and Red ($10/month).

How are "Payments Made?"

Credit card or Paypal will do the purchase in eMUSICMARKET.com. All sellers and buyers precede their purchase following the purchase system. When eMUSICMARKET.com confirms a completed transaction, the payment will be sent to seller’s Paypal account.


1) Selling a song immediately at a set price.

It's not too different from usual online authorization.

After fully understanding the Seller's conditions, simply authorize it.

Paying is instant and easy.


2) Purchasing music using eMUSICMARKET's mediation system.

Mutual negotiations with the Seller begin with the Buyer entering a price offer and terms for the music he or she wants.

Negotiations can take a little time but this is for the most reasonable transaction to be made so that all Buyers and Sellers can best reflect their opinions on their desired terms and prices.

Registration and User Identification Procedure
How can I "change my ID and password?"

You can change your ID and password in 'My Info' section.

Why is "Personal Information Required?"

From an online transaction standpoint, confirming the required information is necessary to build trust between the Buyer and Seller.

Personal information collected is stored safely with a password for a smooth transaction between Buyer and Seller.

How can I "Cancel My Membership" with eMUSICMARKET?

You may cancel your membership through some simple steps and it will be complete within 24 hours.

How do I Upgrade or Downgrade my membership?

You can upgrade your membership through the Upgrade menu under 'My Page'.

You also can purchase the higher membership in the middle of using any paid membership. The rest of previous membership dates will automatically calculated by cost and added to the new membership dates.

We’re sorry that you can’t downgrade your membership. However, you can sign up for the other memberships with any other email accounts you have.

What should I do if there is any "Incorrect Information in the Confirmation Procedure or in a Transaction?"

Please send an inquiry to eMUSICMARKET's Help Desk.

What are the "Confirmation Procedures for Buyers and Sellers

1. Buyer confirmation procedure:

When joining as a Buyer, you will be a associate member, which can access all features except music searches and browsing. For the Music Searches and Browsing, you need to Upgrade to BLACK Membership.

As a Associate member, you may confirm your status according to a set procedure as a Buyer at any time.

>Black confirmation

What for the buyer confirmation?

Only an authorized buyer can listen to the uploaded music and purchase. That’s because of the protecting individual data and security.



What’s the requirement for the confirmation?

 To be a confirmed buyer, you should submit the confirming data that you are working on the music industry. You can fill out the eMUSICMARKET buyer confirmation form.

If you’re a freelancer, upload your career data including working period, music sources, albums and other information on the site. In case of company, you can upload your company information and department, company website and etc.

eMUSCIMARKET.com basically authorizes an company that has history more than 1 year, individual who releases more than 2 singles as a buyer.


How long does it take to confirm?

  • After screening and examining your data, we’ll notify you ASAP. But it may take a while. It depends on the data and circumstances.


2. Steps to confirm Seller status as a Pro:

When joining as a Seller, you will be a Green member and may upload up to 5 songs in the search engine.

You may upgrade to Yellow, Blue, or Red, each of which has different upload quotas. Any level of Seller may upgrade to PRO.

The process for upgrading to PRO is as follows.


> Pro confirmation

What for the Pro confirmation?


  • Once you’re authorized as a pro musician, your music will have the “PRO” tag. That means you have more benefits when buyers search your music.


What the requirement for pro confirmation?

  • We need basic confirming data that you have experiences as a pro musician. Either you have officially published more than 2 songs or have an equivalent career, you can write them down on the following blank, or you can send us email attaching your data such as album info, Youtube link, webpage, music sources or shopping mall link for the album purchase and so on.


How long does it take to confirm?

After screening and examining your data, we’ll notify you ASAP. But it may take a while. It depends on the data and circumstances.

It is not a song I wrote but I think "Someone is Plagiarizing."

Plagiarism is always a sensitive issue.

1. Send us information about the song in question and after a careful review

2. we will send you a response.

3. While you wait, please try using Copyright Issue Board, offered by eMUSICMARKET.

You can ask and vote with peers on issues involving plagiarism.

It is not easy to solve an issue like this while taking only one side into consideration.

Moreover, if you claim that your own music is being plagiarized and your music has already been released commercially with a high possibility of it being heard in this manner, eMUSICMARKET cannot help with a solution.

For these reasons eMUSICMARKET is setting up a countermeasure for users called "Copyrighy Issue."

I posted a song to eMUSICMARKET, "but it is also now Being Sold at Another Location". What should I do with the songs already on eMUSICMARKET?

eMUSICMARKET was made to offer members many opportunities and to help them realize their dreams.

This coincides with eMUSICMARKET's fundamental goal even if it gives members opportunities outside of selling songs on eMUSICMARKET.

Having said that, members can upload and remove their songs from eMUSICMARKET as long as the law, eMUSICMARKET, and the other location's contract or terms can allow.

However, when uploading a song to eMUSICMARKET, please be fully aware of any other contracts' conditions and confirm that there will be no problem.

What happens to "My Songs after My Membership Period has Ended" and I am reverted back to Green?

When your membership period ends up, your membership will be reverted back to Green. Your uploaded songs that have been exposed on the searching engine will stop being exposed except the number of songs designated as Green membership. And the upload limitation will effect in 7 days.

How can I "Change the Price of my song?"

You cannot change the price for a song that is already for sale.

You may change any personal settings for a song at anytime before it is for sale.

What should I do if "Someone Else is Selling My Music?"

If the song has been sold and is being used commercially the Seller takes full responsibility.

In this case please send all relevant documents and evidence to eMUSICMARKET and when it becomes a legal process the relevant documents may be released to the appropriate legislation.

Can I "Upload Band Music?"

Depending on if the band is selling a song's melody or the complete song itself, the copyright situation can vary.

If the song was composed and performed by the member in a home studio all rights belong to the member, but in the case of multiple people collaborating, there can be problems regarding joint copyright.

In this case when uploading a song all performers involved in the performance process must come to an agreement.

That is to say, all joint copyright holders should confirm that the song is being uploaded, as eMUSICMARKET is not responsible for any problems that may occur otherwise.

Is it possible to "Sell Previously Published Music?"

It is both possible and impossible.

At its basic level, eMUSICMARKET acts as a mediator for the sale and purchase of song rights

that have not gained copyright trust between the composer and purchaser at a copyright agency.

Therefore agreements can be made between the Seller and Buyer for unpublished songs with no copyright and songs that do not have a copyright trust with another company.

However if you wish to make a deal for a song that has a trust commission with a copyright agency, we ask that you consult with the agency that holds the neighboring rights.

If the Seller uploads without confirming these rights eMUSICMARKET and the Buyer hold no responsibility for anyproblems that may arise.

Can I "Sell Just the Song Melody?"

Yes you CAN !!

For example, Song melodies can be sold in consideration of situations such as the Buyer's plans and country, or the Seller may not have gone through a professional production process.

In this case the Buyer can buy only the melody and complete the song themselves.

Is it possible for me to "Upload my Friend's Music?"

Simply put, it is not possible.

In today's world, where the steps taken to protect copyrights are becoming stronger, the copyright owner of the song has the rights to sell and use it, and as there are various consumer disputes over sales intervention of neighboring copyrights, when uploading to eMUSICMARKET responsibility is given to the uploader.

In other words, as Sellers are responsible for the copyright of their music, they should either be the creator, or have copyrights over their uploads.

Can I Sell a song that has band vocals or "Other Collaborative Performances?"

For bands, situations over copyright can arise depending on if the music's melody or the whole song is being sold.

If the song was composed and performed by the member in a home studio all rights belong to the member, but in the case of multiple people collaborating, there can be problems regarding joint copyright.

In this case when uploading a song all performers involved in the performance process must come to an agreement.

That is to say, all joint copyright holders should confirm that the song is being uploaded, as eMUSICMARKET is not responsible for any problems that may occur otherwise.

What "File Types" are allowed?

You must upload the file in the proper format(16bit, 44.1Khz WAV file) after the transaction is complete.

We plan to allow other file types in the future. All mp3s can be streamed in the monitoring process.

How do I "Use the Site as a Seller?"

Sellers may sell music or use additional services such as Blog or eMUSE at no extra cost.

Sellers may sell songs using two methods.

1) Sell at an advertised price.

This is not much different from regular online sales.

2) Sell using eMUSICMARKET's mediation system.

The Buyer will negotiate with the Seller after proposing sales conditions and a price for the music they want.

This can take some time but it is possible for the Buyer and Seller to agree on conditions and pricing for a reasonable transaction.

How does a "Buyer Use the Site?"

Buyers may purchase music or use additional services such as video blogging or eMuse at no extra cost. Buyers may purchase songs using two methods.

1) Purchase a song at the Seller's advertised price.

Authorization is not much different from other websites. You may authorize after understanding the Seller's conditions.

This is an quick and easy method for transactions. Please read below for more details.

2) Using eMUSICMARKET's mediation system for selling songs.

The Buyer starts by proposing sales conditions and a price and negotiates with the Seller.

This can take some time but it is possible for the Buyer and Seller to agree on conditions and pricing for a reasonabletransaction.

Are there "Any Other Differences Between Seller Levels?"

There are only differences in accessible services between the various Seller levels, divided by color.

However, Sellers who received Pro confirmation will have search results that are separated from non-Pros.

"Are Refunds possible After Purchasing" a song?

After a purchase, a refund can be requested within a given period for reasons stated in number 5 and number 7,respectively.

But Buyers cannot request a refund due to change of heart.

What should Buyer do "if the File Type or Bit Rate of the song is Not What he Wants?"

Buyers can request an edit from the Seller.

If the Seller does not respond or is dishonest in their actions, the transaction can be canceled within seven days of its completion.

What should I do if the Seller "Does Not Permit an Edit" of purchased song?

Buyers and Sellers should negotiate the sale after completing the transaction.

If the Buyer purchased the song for its main melody and needs additional editing, due to contractual obligations the Seller cannot simply decline.

Moreover, although the Buyer purchased the song planning to use the original track, if he or she needs a rearrangement an additional fee may be charged for the negotiation.

What should I do "If a Purchased Song has Copyright Issues" later on?

First, Sellers must confirm before uploading that there will not be any problems with copyright or any other area.

Second, plagiarizing issues will be cleared through eMUSICMARKET's filtering system (such as Copyright Issue category), although if there are any problems the side raising the issue may request to cancel the transaction and a refund will be issued.

If there are legal troubles eMUSICMARKET will handle them in regards to the terms of service.

Can I "Negotiate Payment" for a song?

If a Buyer hears a song he or she likes but wishes to mediate the sales conditions and pricing, he or she may use eMUSICMARKET's system to offer new conditions and a new price to the Seller.

The Seller may then agree or negotiate with another "Price proposal", or cancel the sale altogether.

What "Payment Methods" are available?

PayPal and Credit Card payments are available,

and payments via mobile phone will be available at a later date.

You should sign up as a buyer to listen to whole song and/or purchase song(s).