1. Membership system





       - There are 2 main membership types at emusicmarket.







1. Seller – a member who uploads and then sells music



  a. Green FREE membership level. / 2 song uploads


  b. Yellow :  $1 a month / 5 song uploads


  c. Blue :  $5 a month / 30 song uploads


  d. Red :  $10 a month / unlimited song uploads








2. Buyer – a member who searches for and buys a seller’s music



  a. White :  Pre-membership level before "Black Member". 

                   There are a simple qualifying steps in order to become a


                 black-grade member. Most of buyer services are not available. 


                  Listening and Transactions are not possible as a white member.


  b. Black :  White-grade members must be qualified for this level


                 Searching, Listening, and Transactions are allowed in black-grade level. $10 a month.












             It is only possible to pay in 3-month sets(90-days).


             If you pay for 6 months at one time, you will receive a 30-day bonus.


             If you pay for 12, you will receive an 80-day bonus.














Through PRO Musician authentication, Sellers can acquire a PRO mark,


and they will have more opportunities in search results  (Pro mark icon / Pro search












2. Searching & Listening for Songs





  a. Anyone can search the database for music but only Purchasers at the BLACK LEVEL may 


     Listening and Purchase.


  b. Sellers can only listen to songs they upload.


  c. You may search using various conditions after opening the SEARCH ENGINE to the left.












3. Song Transactions





a.  Transactions can be made using "Price Proposals" or

      "IMMEDIATE Purchases".




   1) Using the 'Price Proposal' method, the Purchaser may ask about their 'Desired price


      and Conditions' for the song and continue with the seller from there.













 # The Price Proposal will be sent to the Seller via email and the seller will either APPROVE

or REJECT it, or PROPOSE a new price offer to the purchaser.




 # Once the Seller approves a 'Price Proposal' or a Purchaser approves a seller's 'Price Proposal', the

song will be sent to the purchaser's inbox and other members will not be able to search for it or

make transactions on it.




 # If a MULTI - TRACK is part of a 'price proposal', the seller has to upload the multi-track within

3 days  after that the purchaser’s paid or the 'price proposal' will be canceled.




 # If a song is sent to a Purchaser's Inbox, the Transaction must be made within 3 days or it will be


    canceled and the song will be available for Searches and Transactions again.







# After Authorization is given, the Purchaser may DOWNLOAD the song for 1 month.




# The Purchaser should click “Transaction COMPLETE” on the purchased page within 1 week of


   making a transaction. He or she should contact the service center in case of a problem.




# Once the Purchaser clicks “COMPLETE transaction” or there are NO Problems within 1 week of


  the Transaction, the money, minus a 15% fee, will be deposited into the seller's paypal


  account in about 1 months.












# Once the transaction is complete the purchaser and seller will exchange email addresses and


    can negotiate copyright registration.












2)  Using the "IMMEDIATE Purchase" method, the Purchaser may buy a song at the price which  

the seller chooses at the time of upload. The Purchaser may make a price proposal even if the seller

lists a price.





 # If the Purchaser chooses this method, the song will go to his or her inbox and will no longer


    appear in search results or other transactions.




 # You can not request multi-tracks using this method.




 # The Purchaser must PAY for the song within 3 DAYS of receipt or the transaction will be


    canceled and the song returned to search results and available for purchase.




 # The Purchaser may DOWNLOAD the song for 1 MONTH after buying.




 # The purchaser should click “transaction complete” on the purchased page within 1 week of making


    a transaction. he or she should contact the service center in case of a problem.




 # Once the purchaser clicks “complete transaction” or there are no problems within one week of the


    transaction, the money, minus a 15% fee, will be deposited into the seller's paypal account about


   in 2 months.




 # Once the 'Transaction is Complete', the purchaser and seller will exchange email addresses

and can negotiate copyright registration.







4. Copyright






        - Copyright for Seller uploads







 # You should only upload music which created.



 # Sellers may only upload music with no registered copyright ,


    and which have not been commissioned by a third party.


     (You can register your copyright after it's trade.)


 # In the case of music which was created in cooperation with or has a registered copyright with


    another party, rights should be discussed and consent given before selling.




 # The seller takes full responsibility for their uploads.







        - Copyright regarding IMMEDIATE PURCHASES



 # All copyrights belong to the seller even after purchase, and in the case of immediate purchase,



   changes in melody, lyrics, and other edits are not allowed (it is possible to negotiate in the



  case of price proposals).




 # If copyright negotiation, a song edit, or only melody or lyrics are needed, please use the



     PRICE Proposal method.







     - Copyright regarding 'Price Proposals'




# Although copyright is retained by the seller, 'making a Price Proposal allows for Changes in the




  through NEGOTIATION and the copyright can be registered under both the seller and the







# Seller have all of copyright after selling songs but buyer can modify melody and lyric, rearrange



songs after that negotiate with seller through the condition section.




# if seller want songs to be used as it is,  every check box below must be checked.








- After a transaction is completed, the Purchaser and Seller will exchange email addresses and



  negotiate details about the song.









5. Uploading a song





- When uploading a song, the Seller should input as many details as possible in order for purchasers



  to find it more easily and its sales probability to be raised.





- You can change information about a song at any time.





- If the seller's contact information, personal details, or phrases allowing another method of sale



  which is prohibited by emusicmarket are found in the song title or tags the seller may receive a








- If nothing is entered in the “cost” field, then only the 'Price Proposal' method will be available. A



Purchaser may use either the 'Price Proposal' method or 'Immediate purchase' method if a cost is








- Detailed tags will improve search results for a song. (ex. piano, solo, instrumental)





- Uploads are limited to under 100-megabyte wav files with 44khz/16-bit sampling.




- Songs which have been sold may not be uploaded.




- You may not upload the same song with a different title.









6. Problems with Transactions





- If there are any problems during song transactions please let an emusicmarket administrator



  know and we will help solve the problem as soon as we can. 


You should sign up as a buyer to listen to whole song and/or purchase song(s).